The story of LE FARM

The story of LE FARM

Located at the bottom of the sacred Ba Vi mountain where Tan Vien Son, the God of the mountain range is worshiped, the area where Le Farm is situated is such a true natural beauty that captivates the hearts and minds of all visitors. Nestling in a beautiful valley and surrounded by two winding streams, this resort also boasts an incredible view of the nearby lake and green spaces

Le Farm comprises of a number of charming European-styled villas and some very cozy and romantic bungalows; there are also large stilt houses built on the bank of the streams that have a large space for groups of visitors who want to stay closer together and enjoy the feeling of being close to nature with the sound of water running through the streams and so many trees and flowers nearby.

Every beautiful corner is an inspiration for our guests to take pictures. The cultivated landscape is well-maintained with a mix of natural area’s along terrace fields and waterway with places like the Japanese Lotus Lake, Wild Sunflower Hill, Walk of love, Rose Garden, Happy Bridge,…

Unique cuisines of the Muong Ethnic people and nutritious food are prepared with medicinal herbs at Le Farm which will leave an unforgettable impression on every visitor.

Only about 50 km from the National Convention Center and approximately one hour’s drive from Hanoi in the direction of Thang Long Boulevard, once you arrive here, you will enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery at Le Farm.

Our motto is: “Resort Quality at a Homestay Price"